The Stoudion instrumental synth ruminations that flow from a heart of faith The namesake of The Stoudion is an ancient eastern Christian monastery which was known for its artistic calligraphy, manuscript illumination and religious poetry. Like the creativity produced by the monastery, the soundscapes of The Stoudion are rooted in spiritual reverence. Analog electronic instruments are the artistic tools used to craft layered instrumentals that range from dark and contemplative to joyful and triumphant.

Monochromystic space-age ambient experiments produced with a single monosynth When astronauts were launched to the moon in the 1960s, they found a “magnificent desolation” and a unique sense of solitude that can only come from being a quarter of a million miles away from the rest of humankind. Compared to the scale of their mission, the resources they were able to bring were relatively minimal and highly focused. Monochromystic finds inspiration in that expansive solitude and focused limitation, producing each spare, ambient work with a single monosynth and a handful of knobby effects in a single take.

War Short Sugar crunchy beats and lo-fi scratches blended from sources in short supply War Short Sugar scrapes together scratchy vinyl obscurities, mangled and manipulated to form something new from sounds long forgotten. High school marching bands, local church choirs, motivational speakers, and amateur instrumentalists are just a few of the many misfit members of the War Short Sugar army, resurrected from their dusty vinyl trenches to march again in repurposed rhythm.